Meet the Team: Peter Ngum, Clinical Application Specialist

In the third edition of our “Meet the Team” blog series, we talk to Peter Ngum, one of Combinostics’ Clinical Application Specialists, about his academic and industry experience, what he loves about his role, and some fascinating conferences he’s attended recently.

What inspired you to join Combinostics?

The NorDoc Summer School organized by the University of Copenhagen was the driving force that led me to Combinostics. The program encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and career development. Because of my interest in translational research, I was looking for a role that combined neuroimaging, innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

What is the most interesting previous position(s) you've had within (or without) this industry?

Before Combinostics, I worked in medical affairs for a medical device company. I was tasked with interacting with key opinion leaders and cutting through the red tape of obtaining necessary approvals for the import/export of devices before local distribution.

Are you using your academic degree or previous experience in your current position? If your background is in another field or study, how does it inform your current work?

In my current role, I incorporate experiences from both my academic background and previous industry experience. My first experience with neuroimaging was during an emergency medicine clinical elective at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Dublin. I took another neurology clinical elective in the Stroke Unit at Helsinki University Hospital, building on that knowledge. After that, I completed a master’s degree in Biomedical Imaging at the University of Turku, completing my thesis focusing on imaging for stroke patients at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin.
My educational background, coupled with prior industry experience in medical affairs, gives me the unique ability to support a range of educational, marketing, and research goals for Combinostics.

What's the most interesting aspect about your position at Combinostics right now?

In a word—collaboration. I love being a part of the collaborative efforts between engineers, clinicians, machine learning experts, and other brilliant individuals. Together, we’re innovating the development and deployment of AI-enabled solutions that guide evidence-based decision-making in clinical practice.

Has there been an interesting customer/physician/patient story or interaction that stood out for you?

During a recent client site visit, we discovered a complex web of separate workflows from image acquisition to communicating results with referring physicians while using a competitor’s AI-enabled solution.
An efficient workflow can drastically decrease delays in patient care. While various companies offer algorithms that facilitate detecting and quantifying different clinical conditions, integrating these into and streamlining the radiology workflow remain a challenge. Our solution solves the workflow challenge and provides accessible reports that can be shared directly with the referring clinicians. It was interesting (and rewarding) to see our product make a direct, positive impact for this customer.

Share a fun or unique fact about yourself.

I have an identical twin brother. While we are similar in some ways, we do not share any telepathic connection, contrary to popular belief.

Have you attended a fascinating class or conference recently?

In 2021, I attended several fascinating courses and conferences! Most notably, a 5-day event organized by the European Infrastructure of Translational Medicine. This event brought scientists from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies together to provide a bird’s eye view of medical discovery and development.

Another intriguing program was a Medical Executive Skills program organized by the Uniformed Services University that offered an unparalleled opportunity to expand on leadership and management skills, as well as approaches to the assessment and improvement of health care delivery.

What vacation destination are you dreaming of?

Lake Como, in northern Italy! (What’s not to love?)
Thanks for chatting, Peter! Email Peter at to find out which interesting conference he’ll be at next and schedule some time to chat about medical affairs, medical imaging, workflow optimization, or a shared love of northern Italy.