Trial cMRI on your studies

It only takes minutes to start your 10-day trial to test cMRI on your own patient cases.*

Once you’re set up, drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to add studies that you’ve exported from PACS. Learn more about the set-up and trial process here.

*Our free trial is for evaluation purposes only and available for healthcare providers within regulatory-cleared regions. The trial accommodates a maximum of 10 cases.

Why trial Combinostics cMRI:

Greater accuracy
Low variability in longitudinal analysis provides a more accurate assessment of change and therefore the impact of treatment.
Increased throughput
It helps reduce the time spent per image read to increase throughput, enabling faster and more reliable evaluation of brain volumes.
Proven technology
Backed by more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and collaborations with major academic institutions, we are the market leader in the end-to-end management of dementia care pathways.
Unique differential reporting
MRI-based diagnostic support uses unique biomarkers and reference data from previously diagnosed patients to provide indications of specific types of dementia.
Enhanced MS reporting
cMRI automates quantification of lesion counts and volumes over time and compares with normative populations.