cNeuro® cPET

cPET provides precise quantification of amyloid and FDG PET brain scans with comparison to reference data from healthy controls.

cNeuro® cPET, integrates with PACS, and results can be viewed in PACS or using the cNeuro browser-based viewer.

Nuclear medicine physicians benefit from support to in detecting subtle changes and increased confidence in reading borderline cases.

Capabilities of cPET

Two modes of operation for precise quantification. Supports PET-only and PET-MRI workflows; if the MRI is available, PET findings can be combined with information about atrophy and lesions from MRI. PET-only utilizes a novel multi-atlas image registration method.

Fully automated, reliable, reproducible analysis of amyloid and FDG brain PET scans: 

Improve collaboration and referrals with clinically focused reports

Improve collaboration, provide greater value, reduce image-related queries, and drive more referrals through streamlined, high-quality, consistent communication with referring clinicians.

Our cPET reports for amyloid and FDG brain scans provide information about the patient’s status and facilitate patient management as well as communication between nuclear medicine physicians, neurologists, patients, and their caregivers.

Regulatory Compliance

CE marked