It’s not only who we are but also what we want to achieve.

Patients with neurological disorders need an accurate, early diagnosis for better quality of life for them and their families/caregivers. We aim to continue to innovate new ways to support clinicians in providing the best care for their patients.
With a long, collective history of science and research, we combine our knowledge of neurological conditions, passion for innovative technology like artificial intelligence, and insights from our partnerships with clinical care centers to develop new solutions that fill the gaps in clinical care.
When we hear from current customers that cNeuro has provided the information they need for confident, evidence-based decisions for their patients, we know that we’re on the right track. Yet, we are constantly looking forward to addressing the next challenge, whether that’s aiding with patient selection for clinical trials of disease-modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s disease or putting tools directly in the hands of patients.
Based in Finland, we take pride in our Nordic background and close relationships with leading institutions in the area as well as in the international community.

Our Leadership

Richard Hausmann

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lennart Thurfjell

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jyrki Lötjönen

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Jussi Mattila

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Greg Kingston

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Erik Post

Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Thomas Gardner

Vice President US Sales

Hans-Peter Huber
Vice President European Sales
Cilla Lundevall
Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Our Team

Nelly Berger
Junior Sales Representative, D-A-C-H
Usman Iftikhar
Usman Iftikhar

Sr. Software Developer

Juha Koikkalainen
Juha Koikkalainen
Sr. Imaging Scientist
Samuel Lahtinen
Samuel Lahtinen
Sr. Software Developer
Gretchen Lessman 
US Clinical Application Specialist 
Markus Niiranen
Markus Niiranen
Sr. Software Developer
Kristi Nucatola

US Sales Director – East

Chris Oppelt
Chris Oppelt

US Sales Director – Central

A F M Muzahidur Rahman
Junior Software Developer
Aziz Orhan Şirin

Junior Software Developer/
Thesis Worker

Antti Tolonen
Antti Tolonen

Sr. Imaging Scientist

Julia Tsvietkova

Marketing Coordinator

Daniil Zhitnitskii

Sr. Software Developer

Our Medical Advisors

Miia Kivipelto

Professor in Clinical Geriatrics

Frederik Barkhof

Professor of Neuroradiology