Combinostics Selected to Progress to the Finals of neurotechprize

We’re excited to announce that Combinostics has been selected by the jury to progress to the finals for the neurotechprize run by EIT Health and Biogen. The award recognizes technological innovations for the diagnosis and care of Alzheimer’s patients, with the aim of rapidly accelerating the technologies’ maturity and/or market access.

We’re proud to join our industry peers who have also been selected based on their outstanding work to improve the quality of life for people impacted by Alzheimer’s disease: AgenT, Brain+, Ceresti Health, Five Lives, ichó systems, Neurocast, nQ Medical, OptiChroniX, and PeakProfiling.

The jury selected the finalists by assessing our proposed solutions against the following criteria:
  • Accelerating the diagnostic pathway: Helping provide tools that shorten the time-consuming diagnostic pathway
  • Improving disease monitoring: Putting forward a solution to measure and analyze meaningful data that reflects the patients’ individual disease progression
  • Easing burden on patients: Bringing a patient-centered solution easing the burden for patients during the complex diagnosis and therapy pathway
  • Maintaining quality of life: For Alzheimer’s patients and their families, it is crucial to maintain their quality of life while living with the disease. Also, behavioral disturbances related to Alzheimer’s (apathy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.) pose an enormous challenge.

The awards program includes three months of intensive coaching by expert business and science mentors in preparation for the finals this summer. 

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