Meet the Team: Erik Post, Group CFO

In this installment of our “Meet the Team” blog series, we talk to Erik Post, Group CFO of Combinostics, about his history and why he’s passionate about healthcare technology.

What inspired you to join Combinostics?

Combinostics is making a real-word difference, and being able to help grow and scale a company like ours is really attractive. I’m excited to be part of a company whose product can change the quality of life for many millions of people around the world. Not to mention, Combinostics has a CEO and founding team with the passion and drive to make that happen.

What positions have you previously held and at what companies?

Most recently, I served as Group CFO and US President for Captario, a Swedish-based SaaS company whose platform uses simulation-based advanced analytics to help drug development and pharmaceutical companies make more informed strategic decisions. At that time, Captario was on a similar growth-focused journey as Combinostics, which is one of the things I loved most about my tenure there. I also held various leadership positions in finance and business development at Svenska Handelsbanken in New York.

Are you currently using your degree at Combinostics?

I have a PhD in Economics from Uppsala University, and my thesis focused on macroeconomic uncertainty and monetary policy. It prepared me with general working knowledge and tools that are very valuable in everything I do, from writing to conducting analysis.

What intrigues you the most about being at the center of technology and healthcare?

I love seeing the way that technology can foster such improvements in the healthcare space. Health tech makes a true difference in the everyday lives of people, and not all industries are like that! Since working at Combinostics, I’ve learned that, with the ability of our products to help detect Alzheimer’s disease early, we could potentially increase the person’s life by an average of 2.5 years, which is huge.

Is there a customer interaction that has stood out to you?

We recently met with a pharmaceutical company that develops disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The meeting was inspiring and made it very clear to me how relevant our solution is. DMDs affect the underlying disease pathology and can hopefully stop or significantly delay disease progression, and Combinostics’ solution can help identify eligible patients for DMDs and support long-term monitoring of relevant side effects and patient outcomes, in both research projects and clinical care.

Tell us a fun or unique fact about yourself.

I’m a competitive road cyclist and the captain of a team in Sweden. Road cycling is really cool in that it is an individual team sport (yes, you read that right!).

Have you attended an interesting conference, meeting, or event recently?

I’m currently a member of “Leaders in SaaS,” arranged by Breakit, a start-up network in Stockholm. It features leaders of successful companies who discuss the unique challenges of leading a SaaS company and how to address those challenges.

What vacation destination are you dreaming of?

I volunteered in Japan in the late 90s, teaching kindergarten and English classes, and I am still relatively proficient in Japanese. I would love to visit again soon, especially to see the city of Nara and the Zen gardens in Kyoto. They truly are something special.

If you have a question for Erik, or just want to chat about cycling and your favorite places to visit in Japan, you can email him at Thank you, Erik!

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