The Cognitive Function at Work Questionnaire (CFWQ): A new scale for measuring cognitive complaints in occupational population

Appled Neuropsychology: Adult

A.L. Heikkinen, T. Hänninen, P. Kuikka, R. Akila, A. Savolainen, T. Valtonen, A. Umer, J. Lötjönen, C. Hubli, A.M. Remes, T. Paajanen

The new Cognitive Function at Work Questionnaire (CFWQ) to measure subjective cognitive complaints in occupational settings was assessed with 418 employees of a Finnish public media service company. Using 1 year follow-up data, the factor analysis yielded a model with the following subdomains: memory, language, executive function, speed of processing, cognitive control, and name memory. The internal consistency and test-retest constancy reflected good reliability, and there was adequate concurrent validity. Higher CFWQ scores were significantly higher with greater depression and burnout symptom severity as well as accumulation of mood, sleep, and psychosocial stressors.