Computer assisted prediction of clinical progression in the earliest stages of AD

Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring

H. Rhodius-Meester, H. Liedes, J. Koikkalainen, S. Wolfsgruber, N. Coll- Padros, J. Kornhuber, O. Peters, F. Jessen, L. Kleineidam, J. Luis Molinuevo, L. Rami , C. Teunissen, F. Barkhof, S. Sikkes, L. Wesselman, R. Slot, S. Verfaillie, P. Scheltens, B. Tijms, J. Lötjönen, W. van der Flier

Using a multivariate model based on the Disease State Index classifier and incorporating baseline tests, the study team found that a combination of diagnostic tests helped identify a risk of progression to mild cognitive impairment or dementia in patients with subjective cognitive decline. In particular, the classifier had good accuracy for identifying patients who remained stable.