Application of the PredictAD software tool to predict progression in patients with mild cognitive impairment

Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders

A. Simonsen, J. Mattila, A. Hejl, K.S. Frederiksen, S-K. Herukka, M. Hallikainen, M. van Gils, J. Lötjönen, H. Soininen, G. Waldemar; Alzheimer’s Disease Neurodegenerative Initiative

The PredictAD tool has the ability to efficiently compile and analyze the large amounts of heterogeneous data (e.g., imaging, cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers, neuropsychological tests) needed for a confident, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. In this study, the ability of the PredictAD tool to diagnose early Alzheimer’s disease in patients with mild cognitive impairment was better than when the study’s clinical raters used paper-based patient data and when compared with diagnoses by experienced clinicians.