cCOG: a web-based cognitive test tool for detecting neurodegenerative disorders

Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring

H. Rhodius-Meester, T. Paajanen, J. Koikkalainen, S. Mahdiani, M. Bruun, M. Baroni, A. Lemstra, P. Scheltens, S-K. Herukka, M. Pikkarainen, A. Hall, T. Hänninen, T. Ngandu, M. Kivipelto, M. van Gils, S. Hasselbalch, P. Mecocci, A. Remes, H. Soininen, W. van der Flier, J. Lötjönen

In this study conducted with participants from three European cohorts (306 cognitively normal, 120 with mild cognitive impairment, and 69 with dementia), the performance of cCOG, our computerized cognitive tool, was compared with that of standard neuropsychological tests. Based on the results, cCOG had comparable accuracy to standard tests for detecting mild cognitive impairment and dementia and could potentially be used for home-based assessments.