Combinostics launches cDSI

Tampere, Finland, July 16, 2017 – Combinostics, a provider of tools for data driven diagnostics, is pleased to announce the launch of cDSI, a tool for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders. cDSI is part of the cNeuro platform and complements the previously launched cNeuro cMRI, a tool used for quantitative assessment of MRI brain images.

Physicians today are being overwhelmed by increasing amounts of data. When diagnosing a patient, it is the physician’s task to combine multisource data such as data from clinical and neuropsychological tests, imaging and lab data. Interpretation of all these, sometimes contradictory, data is challenging, especially when simultaneously keeping in mind patient demographics, increasing knowledge on disease subtypes and existing economic constraints for acquiring data. cDSI combines all data and compares the patient’s data profile to data from previously diagnosed patients and visualizes the data in a way that helps the physician understand how the data contributes to a certain diagnosis.

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