Combinostics launches cMRI

Combinostics today announced that the company has received ISO 13485 certification of the company’s quality system as well as CE certification of cMRI, a tool for quantitative assessment of MRI brain images, which is a module in cNeuro, Combinostics’ suite of tools for quantitative assessment of brain images and for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders.
MRI brain imaging is a critical tool in assessing patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Today, images are typically evaluated visually. However, using visual assessment alone, it is difficult to identify subtle changes in brain atrophy and to identify patterns of atrophy that may be associated with different types of dementia. This can be overcome by the use of quantitative information. cMRI assists in accurate and consistent quantitative evaluation of MRI brain scans and presents the results in a report that is designed for referring physicians

Combinostics is committed to quality and the company recently received ISO 13485 certification. This together with the CE-certification and launch of cMRI represents an important milestone for the company. cMRI automatically quantifies MRI brain images and assists radiologists in the reporting of findings in the images. cMRI is our first module in cNeuro, a platform that provides insights to data that will help physicians in diagnosing neurological disorders.

Lennart Thurfjell, Co-founder and CEO of Combinostics

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