State inference in a heterogeneous system

Patent: US 10,372,786 B2

J. Lötjönen, J. Koikkalainen, J. Mattila

The invention relates to inferring the state of a system of interest having a plurality of indicator values and possibly being heterogeneous in nature. A number of indicator values from a control state and from a comparison state are gathered. From these indicator values, classification power between the control and comparison states (measure of goodness) is computed. Difference values are computed for the indicator values from the system of interest based on the difference to the indicator values from control and comparison states. From a number of these indicators, composite indicators are formed, and composite measures of goodness and composite difference values are computed. A plurality of composite indicators may be formed at different levels. These indicators may be represented as a tree and grouped according to content, and at the same time they may be arranged according to the measure of goodness or some other value. The indicators, measures of goodness, and difference values may be visualized and shown to a user, who may use such a representation for inferring the state of the system.