Horizon 2020 project on prevention of cognitive decline

Combinostics joined the EU funded Horizon 2020 project LETHE – A personalized prediction and intervention model for early detection and reduction of risk factors causing dementia, based on AI and distributed Machine Learning (grant agreement No. 101017405, https://www.lethe-project.eu/). This four-year project started on January 2021 and includes 15 European partners.

LETHE largely builds on knowledge and data from the FINGER trial, the first randomized controlled trial showing that a multidomain lifestyle intervention can prevent cognitive decline in older adults. Due to its exciting results, corresponding trials are now ongoing worldwide (https://wwfingers.com). In LETHE, digital solutions will be developed for implementing the FINGER model. Combinostics will focus on developing the tools for cognitive training, as well as coaching the patients on the use of these technologies.

LETHE brings together research expertise from a pioneering trial in dementia prevention, cutting-edge technology and digital health knowhow. The project will further advance the field of dementia prevention by creating personalized preventive solutions applicable on a larger scale.

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