Young outstanding researcher award

Combinostics is collaborating closely with Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam. Because of this, we want to let you know that geriatrician and senior researcher Hanneke Rhodius-Meester from the Alzheimercentrum Amsterdam is nominated for the Young Outstanding Researcher (YOR) Award 2021 by Alzheimer Nederland. This award is for young and talented researchers, to facilitate research for solutions for people with dementia and their caregivers. By voting, Hanneke can win this price!

Vote for Hanneke

We are very proud Hanneke has been nominated for this talent price. You can help by voting here. The voting is open until Apr 15.

About Hanneke

Hanneke is one of the four candidates who has been selected from all applicants. As a geriatrician Hanneke seeks to answer the questions here patients with memory problems have. But… answers are hard to give. That is why she develops computer tools, by means of artificial intelligence, that combine and visualize the diagnostic test results of the patient. In this way, both patient and clinician see more clearly and more accurate what the test results mean, now and in the future.

Read more on the research and passion of Hanneke on the website of Alzheimer Nederland (in Dutch): ‘Dokter, wat heb ik?, ‘Wat kan ik ertegen doen?’ en ‘Hoe gaat het verder?’

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